Interracial Couples

Often times what creates conflict between partners is cultural dynamics. Even though we are at the core very similar, the environment we were raised in has a big impact on how we view the world and how we engage with it. This is what we refer to as the “nurture” component of what makes us uniquely us. A person is also effected by “nature” which refers to their genetics etc.; the things they came into the world already predisposed to orient toward. A couple can be affected by both the nurture and nature component of their partner. And in the case of interracial and bi-racial couples, this can definitely cause confusion, hurt and disconnection.

As someone with extensive experience in interracial couples counseling,  I have worked with many couples in which one or both partners are mixed raced or one partner is another race from the other. I have also worked with couples where both partners were from a race other than caucasian.  When it comes to mixed race couples counseling, I’m confident I can better understand the unconscious and conscious dynamics that come up between couples from different backgrounds because of my experience with other couples in my practice and my own experiences in life.