Non-romantic "couples"

Mothers and Fathers, their kids, siblings, step parents

What if you’re having struggles with your mom, dad, sister, or brother, son or daughter. Or an in-law or friend? Getting some counseling can make a big difference. Our deepest triggers tend to be with our nuclear family - our mother and father, sisters and brothers, step parents. This is because these people have been in our lives for most or all of our life, and especially during our early formative years which are the most important years in terms our development into the human beings we are today. So we tend to be very reactive and have many “edges” with these people.

I’ve helped sisters, brothers, fathers and daughters, mothers and daughters, and step parents. I’ve also worked with families as a whole in family therapy sessions. Doing the hard work of making these relationships better ends up paying dividends in all aspects of our lives.